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A diverse life journey has led Paul to return to live and minister primarily in and for Europe, but remains a member of Bethel’s Senior Leadership Team. Using his experience gained in Health Care, Prison Management & Bethel Church Redding combined with a clear call to evangelism and the raising up of young evangelists, he is now a member of the Europe Shall Be Saved (ESBS) Core Team.

His brand is Diversity, expressing himself in many ways from preaching to thousands to giving strategic wisdom to individuals and small teams. His passion is Jesus and the outcome of his life must become revival which leads to reformation and renaissance.

Paul is married to Sue and together they travel and minister, encouraging individuals, serving the church and believe that it is Europe’s time to see an outpouring of his love, power and goodness across the continent.

Organised by Open Heaven

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Victory Hall, Indian Queens

Indian Queens TR9 6PP

indianqueensvictoryhallVictory Hall is a local Community Hall, it is used by local organisations to raise funds for their activities. It is a regular Venue for Open Heaven events.