When you think of strong female performers on the music scene that have come around in the last few years you might list Meghan Trainor, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and a few others. Well with this album, coming from the Christian market, I think you should definitely add V. Rose. With this album”Young, Dangerous Heart” she takes the female power-pop market and mixes it with some rap and hip-hop flavours and some very real emotional content which brings an innocence and rawness which is something the mainstream artists mentioned above could definitely learn from.

Sarah Teibo invites us to “Walk With Me” in her debut urban gospel infused album. From the first infectious title track you know that you are in for a treat. “Steal My Joy” is a pleasure to listen to and was my first introduction to Sarah’s great talent as this was a single that she released last November. This is a song that we all need because too often things do steal our joy all too quickly – we need this mind-set reminder that nothing can steal our joy unless we allow it to.

I am very pleased to say that Philippa Hanna is back with a brand new album.

I have always been very keen to say that Philippa is one of the best Christian Singer / Songwriters that we have in the UK and this album further cements that reputation. Unfortunately for the UK she is soon to be moving to the US for a season so I might have to change that statement! For now however we can be rightly proud of this young lady from Sheffield who is creating very real music that people can connect with.