I love watching films at home but occasionally when I get the chance to watch a blockbuster film at the Cinema I jump at the chance. Part of the cinematic experience for me is tucking into some yummy treats and sipping on some crisp ice cold beverage possibly Coca Cola (hey this is not the BBC and I love it). But the best bit has to be choosing your favourite sweets from the Pick N Mix section and cramming them into the cup so that it expands on all sides almost spilling its contents on the Cinemas well kept carpet. The sheer variety of the Pick N Mix sweets is astounding and we can’t help choosing our favourites and ignoring the sweets that taste like coloured soap.

I think that we can approach our faith in God in the same way, we enjoy all the sweet aspects of the Bible where it says that we are blessed, where we are fearfully and wonderfully made, where we are forgiven, redeemed, set free and saved! In the same way we leave the sour pick n mix and decide to avoid those things that leave a bitter aftertaste in our mouths. Things like praying for our enemies, forgiving those who cause us pain, reaching out to the unlovable and desperate people in our world.

It is time that we decide to eat the tasty commands in the Bible along with those commands which might be harder to swallow. We all know that good advice we are given as children to eat our mains first and then we can enjoy a scrumptious pudding. In the same way I think that we who call ourselves Christians should eat our wholesome mains and accept God’s instructions no matter how hard they are, before we bask in the stunning afters of redemption, salvation and forgiveness.

I have been challenged more and more that to call myself a follower of Jesus that I must lay me down and lift his will up in my life. In other words practice what I preach and believe. I want to enjoy the whole pick n mix God has to offer and taste the areas of the life that may be sour.

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