So it’s here, the day millions of us have been waiting for with great anticipation and excitement at all of the bargains that the major retailers have on offer. I am excited too but the truth is I probably don’t need to buy any of the goods on offer even if a 4K LED 48” television does sound enticing….ahh well I will just have to struggle along with my 32” HD ready television which is coming up to its 4th birthday (almost ready for retirement).

So Black Friday is here and the major retailers think that we might pass the most spent in a single day in the UK. That figure…..1 Billion Pounds spent in one day! Not bad for post recession spending. I don’t know about you but I think that in a world where there are so many people struggling to survive doesn’t it seem crazy that we would spend 1 billion pounds on stuff. Just a thought but couldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere. If you clicked on this post to read about the latest Black Friday deals...sorry!

I want to briefly mention about the greatest deal that has ever happened on Black Friday and it’s not a new sound system or plasma television. This deal happened on a Friday (possibly another day) just less than 2,000 years ago. Jesus a rabbi and preacher, prophet, teacher, leader, and friend too many was wrongly accused by the religious authorities of the time for blasphemy. Jesus claimed to be the son of God and many accounts of his miracles and parables were written during the eyewitness period. The authorities brought him before the Romans who listened to the crowds cry to crucify him. Crucifixion was reserved for the worst criminals as it was designed to humiliate the victim, prolong the death thus prolong the agonising pain.

Luke’s Gospel records this:

The Death of Jesus

44 It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon, 45 for the sun stopped shining. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two. 46 Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”[e] When he had said this, he breathed his last.

So it was a dark day but fortunately that was not the end of Jesus. That was the moment when the Greatest Black Friday Deal took place. Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world and brought any who believes in him a way to have a real relationship with God. This relationship starts now on earth but continues into eternity and the deal is even better. It’s Free

I don’t know about you but I love free stuff. When I got given a musto Jacket for free I was buzzing with excitement and wanted to share the news with anyone that I met. The same is true of Christians we just want to share the good news that Jesus lives and because of what he achieved upon the cross we can be set free from sin. We still make mistakes but Jesus has already paid the price for those mistakes.

And there’s more. Black Friday happens once a year on a single day….well some retailers have black Friday week. But the deal that is available through Jesus can be entered into at any moment. And a bit like the Musto Jacket I recieved for free, you won’t know what it feels like until you try it on and see how it fits.

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